Fully hand-made in Japan


El Migaro ocarina is now available for purchase for all over the world.
Please send orders by e-mail to "elmigaro3@yahoo.co.jp".
Your address, your name, phone number
Ocarina of model (Standard / Concert / Meister)
Key (soprano C / soprano F / soprano G / Alto C / Alto F / Alto G / bass C)
Hole position of bass La (right / left)
Any precautions are also to be listed.
We accept payments by Paypal. Shipping is EMS.
Please wait for two weeks to one month for completion. As soon as you are contacted, the order will be started on.
After you have received a reply, please send your payment to elmigaro3@yahoo.co.jp via Paypal.
As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will ship by EMS.
EMS shipping cost is not included in the original price and will be charged separately.


Since these are handcrafted, there is a limit to the number that can be produced.
Please note that due to this, it may take several days before the item will be ready for delivery.
Contact us with your order tel & fax at 072-822-8397.
El Migaro Ocarina in
Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa Kusuneminami-cho 23-6
● Items will be mailed by EMS internationally.
● prices are all to be paid in advance

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